New Music Action at the Serpentine Pavilion

Nelly Boyd

Nelly Boyd performing at the Serpentine Gallery summer pavilion
by Mark Blower

As part of the PRS Foundation’s New Music Plus… programme, Andi Studer produced the music programme for the Serpentine Gallery throughout 2009.

The two main events took place in the Serpentine Gallery Summer Pavilion designed by SANAA:

  • the night of 7 August has seen a collaboration between the two drummers Yoshida Tatsuya and Charles Hayward, programmed in collaboration with Cafe OTO.
  • on 9 October, the Serpentine Gallery presented Phill Niblock in association with The Wire. The concert featured Nelly Boyd performing the recently released composition One Large Rose (Touch Records) and the historic piece 3 to 7 – 196 live.

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