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By offering web design and programming services we aim to enable our clients to have an effective and exciting online presence. Our projects combine the latest web-based technologies with skills development inside your organisation, enabling you to independently control all means of networked communications.

As a very small company we combine the personal approach and flexibility of freelance work with an accumulated set of skills and expertise of the members of Cenatus. Within our team, we divide clear responsibilities and give our clients direct access to the most skilled person in the team according to the project needs.

Working together in Cenatus, Matt Spendlove and Andi Studer have a proven ability to combine the specialist knowledge of creative sector with up-to-date Internet technologies: Matt brings experience as an independent web programmer working across cutting edge start-ups and major corporations alike. Andi is an experienced project manager, producer, trainer and associate of the London arts development practice The Hub.

With our web projects we deliver sustainable and workable solutions to our clients. We work closely to cater for their individual design needs and to help translate their brand with the most appropriate visual identity. We are keen to develop the appearance of your website with you, in an interactive process working in partnership.

By incorporating training days and after-care into each project we understand the extensive need to train the users of any website, not just until the sign-off day but well beyond. Thus making the new website a tool that your organisation can take ownership and control of.

Please contact us for advice or if you like to discuss your ambitions and needs in the field of web design and digital communication.


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