Netaudio Ping Pong

PingPong 460

Netaudio Ping Ping at CTM.09
by Eelco Borremans

Netaudio Ping Pong is an interactive music performance where participants mingle with cutting-edge technology to produce some wicked beats!

With festival showcases in Wales, England and Germany it’s proven to be a great tool for introducing the Netaudio spirit to a wider audience as well as giving lots of people the chance to play around and interact with music technology, some for the first time.

2009 has seen Netaudio Ping Pong productions at Club Transmediale in Berlin, MoTA in Ljubljana, London, Lazy Genius in Liverpool and Pool/Loop 09 in Zurich.

For more information about Netaudio Ping Pong please check the project abstract or drop us a line.

installation, interactive, production


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